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Exalted Ruler’s Message – April 2015


My Fellow Elks:

Spring has arrived and the cold month of February is behind us!  With the clock hitting April, this signals a new Elks year and a new set of officers.

 As your new Exalted Ruler, I am honored to serve the entire Sanford Elks Lodge this year.  I would like to thank Ed Wesley for handling the many challenges our lodge endured this past year.  Ed will take his new role of Trustee 3 years.  I would also like to thank Eddie Brannan for his many years of service as an officer as he steps down as one of our Trustees.

 As we start this year, we are below 500 members for the first time in several decades.  Membership is the live blood of our lodge and is needed to keep us strong and alive.  Last year we lost over 100 members due to nonpayment and I will ask the Membership Committee to contact these past members and try to get them to come back and rejoin us.  We will also post a list of those members on the bulletin board and I am asking you to contact anyone you know and ask them to return as a member of this Great Lodge.  We also need to continue to bring in new member and bring the membership count back over the 500 mark.

 There continues to be plenty of work needed around the lodge and the officers cannot be counted on to do it all, so I am asking each of you to take a look at the list of committees that we have and let us know which one you would be willing to chair or be a member.  If we all help out just a couple hours and spread the work load amongst us, we can accomplish the many projects that we do each year.  The first project this year will be to open the pool and we will need plenty of help to clean the pool deck, the pool furniture, the concession stand and the bathrooms.  This will take place on a Saturday in mid-May; exact date will be published in the May newsletter.

 I am looking forward to another Great Year at the Lodge and if you have any suggestions or concerns, please contact me at the e-mail listed below.

Joe Clancy, Exalted Ruler

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