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Date of Institution: October 26, 1945
Date of Charter: July 11, 1946
First Exalted Ruler: E. L. Gavin

Additional History:

Sanford Lodge #1679 sponsored Southern Pines Lodge #1692 in December 1945.

Lodge #1679 built on present site in 1958 added 115,000-gallon pool in 1962.  Doubled Lodge square footage in 1968 with commercial type Kitchen, Ladies Lounge, larger Clubroom, and Lodge Room.  Major interior renovation in 1989-90.  Major exterior renovation in 1996-97.  Parking Lot in 2000.  Swimming Pool Bath House and Deck area in 2002.  Grill added, Kitchen update, Heating and Air condition Lounge, Pool Furniture, Club Room Furniture 2003-2004-2005.

Lodge #1679 was known for their Ritual Teams and Performances in the late 50’s early 60’s and work with the Elks National Foundation and Scouting Programs in the 60’s and 70’s.  Their work with Youth and renewed emphasis was placed on Elks programs; Veterans, Hoop Shoot, Scholarship, Elks National Foundation, Lodge Children’s Activities and the NC Elks State Major Project in 80’s, and continued with all Elks programs and increased Americanism, Soccer Shoot, and Youth Recognition programs in 90’s.  The Lodge Membership has increased for 23 straight years [1982-2005].

Lodge #1679 has hosted East Central District Deputy Clinics, District Hoop Shoot Competition, District Soccer Shoot, State Hoop Shoot Competition, State Soccer Shoot Competition, State Ritual Clinic, State Drug Awareness Clinic, and NC Elks Camp Board Meetings in the 1980’s, 1990’s and 2000’s.

During the 1990’s focal point have been fund-raisers in support of North Carolina Elks Camp.  Recognized as top contributor to Camp in the 1990’s $100,000.  Purchased golf carts, two vans, beds and mattresses for the NC Elks Camp.  Our Ladies through an auction funded the Children’s Playground at the Camp in order to enhance the Elks CampAbilites program.  After the NCSEA sold the NC Elks the lodge focal point has been on “Veterans” – money for NC State Veterans Home in Fayetteville cable TV and NCSEA to purchase a Handicapped equipped Van for NC State Veterans Home in Salisbury 2003-2004.  Lodge purchased another electric wheel chair for NC State Veterans Home 2005.

Lodge #1679 was recognized as the First Lodge in the State to achieve the $1 per member pledged BPOE goal to the World War II Memorial Fund with a lodge $1,000 donation exceeding the pledged amount in 1999.

Past Exalted Ruler, D. Steve Gunter
received the NCSEA 1996 Thad Eure Distinguished Service Award.

Exalted Ruler, William “Bill” Holt III
received the NCSEA 1996-1997 Exalted Ruler of the Year Award.

Exalted Ruler, Scott Pace
received the NCSEA 1999-2000 Exalted Ruler of the Year Award.

Exalted Ruler, Norman Brewer
received the NCSEA 2000-2001 Exalted Ruler of the Year Award.

Grand Lodge National Awards won by sanford lodge:

Americanism Lodge Brochure Winner 2nd Place 1998 -1999
Americanism Essay Contest Winner 1st Place 1998 -1999
Americanism Lodge Brochure Winner 1st Place 1999 – 2000
Americanism Lodge Brochure Winner 1st Place 2000 – 2001
Americanism Lodge Brochure Winner 1st Place 2001 – 2002
Americanism Lodge Brochure Winner 1st Place 2002 – 2003
Americanism Lodge Brochure Winner 1st Place 2003 – 2004
Best Lodge Youth Activities Program Winner 1st Place 2003 – 2004
Best Lodge Youth Activities Brochure Winner 1st Place 2003 – 2004
Community Service & Image 1st Place 2003 – 2004
Americanism Lodge Brochure Winner 1st Place 2004 – 2005
Americanism Lodge Brochure Winner 1st Place 2005 – 2006

Exalted Rulers:

E. L. Gavin 1945-46
J. C. Pittman 1946-47
E. M. Underwood, Jr. 1947-48
J. M. Cheshire 1948-49  1957-58
Tom Forbes 1949-50
A. Banks Wilkins 1950-51
W. H. Cooper, Sr. 1951-52
H. L. Floyd 1952-52
Ray Wood 1953-54
E. C. Roberts 1954-55
R. P. Rosser 1955-56
Gordon L. O’Briant 1956-57
Jules L. Morgan 1958-59
W. E. Chappell 1959-60  1980-81  1981-82
W. M. Holt, Jr. 1960-61
W. E. Johnson 1961-62
R. L. Miller, Sr. 1962-63
Perry White 1963-64
Peyton Williamson 1964-65
Jack Marshall 1965-66
James A. Holt 1966-67
Ed Taylor 1967-68  1971-72
Harry Miller 1968-69
Ed L. Foushee, Sr. 1969-70
William W. Lewis 1970-71
David D. Riddle, Jr. 1972-73
J. David Baxter 1973-74
Jack McIver 1974-75
H. Lee Littiken 1975-76
H. W. Hunter, Jr. 1976-77  1977-78
Glen David lloyd 1978 [died during term]
R. L. Miller, Jr. 1978-79  1979-80
D. Steve Gunter 1982-83  1983-84
J. Bion Brewer 1984-85  1985-86
Joe Clark 1986-87
L. Chan Heins 1987-88
Edwin L. Foushee, Jr. 1988-89
Billy Boaz 1989-90
William Perry 1990-91
Bill Cooper, Jr. 1991-92
Mike Gonella 1992-93
Bill Davis, III 1993-94
Rob Pomeranz 1994-95
Ray Grim 1995-96
Bill Holt, III 1996-97
David D. Riddle, III 1997-98
Steve Williams 1998-99
Scott Pace 1999-2000
Norman Brewer 2000-2001
Mark Brown 2001-2002
Richard Littiken 2002-2003
D. Steve Gunter II 2003-2004
Bill Blair 2004-2005
Steve Johnson 2005-2006
Griff Sperry 2006-2007
Vince Wenger 2007-2008
Wallie Tyler 2008-2009
Mike McGraw 2009-10 2010-11
Kevin Cleary 2010-2012
Eddie Brannan 2012-2013
Mike McGraw 2013-2014
Ed Wesley 2014-2015
Joe Clancy 2015-2016

District Deputies:

Harold B. Floyd Central District 1953-54
J. Milton Cheshire Central District 1958-59
D. Steve Gunter East Central District 1985-86
H. Lee Littiken East Central District 1994-95
David D. Riddle, III East Central District 2000-01
Scott Pace East Central District  2003-04
Norman Brewer East Central District 2004-05
Steve Gunter, II East Central District 2008-09

NCSEA President Past Exalted Rulers Association:

H. Lee Littiken 1996-97
Norman Brewer 2012-2013

NCSEA State President:

D. Steve Gunter 1988-1989
H. Lee Littiken 2004-2005
Scott Pace 2008-2009

Grand Lodge Committees:

D. Steve Gunter 1995-96-97 Americanism 1997-98-99 Chairman
D. Steve Gunter 1999-00-04 Coordinator National WWII Memorial Fund
D. Steve Gunter 1999-00 Coordinator Hurricane Floyd Disaster Relief Fund

Grand Lodge special representative:

D. Steve Gunter 1991-2006
H. Lee Littiken 2006-2007
D. Steve Gunter 2006-2007
H. Lee Littiken 2009-2010

Lodge Activities